Supermajority Education Fund and the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) have teamed up to shine a spotlight on state legislation that embodies the five “Majority Rules.” The Majority Rules are a value based-agenda informed by conversations with thousands of women* across the United States. These rules demand that: (1) our lives are safe, (2) our bodies are respected, (3) our work is valued, (4) our families are supported, and (5) our government represents us. By implementing public policies that realize these values, we can continue to protect, secure, and extend our rights to all women, especially those who have historically been blocked from exercising their basic rights.

Perhaps unlike ever before, the essential work to advance equality, including protecting the freedom to vote, abortion access, and other women’s rights, is taking place in state legislatures. For this reason, this interactive site and our full joint report uplifts recent state legislation aligned with these Majority Rules and highlights the women legislators and activists, particularly women of color, who have championed them. If you believe in the Majority Rules and are ready for a future where gender equality is the reality, then we hope that you utilize these resources to explore state-level policy options and to learn from the women and allies leading these reforms.

Read the full report here.

*We value the liberation of all people, and this publication uses an expansive definition of women. We fight alongside trans and cisgender women, gender nonbinary people, and anyone who has been marginalized due to their gender.